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Maintenance of Automatic molding machine

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The Automatic molding machine, also known as the unpacking machine, refers to the automatic completion of unpacking, forming, and folding the lower bottom leaflet. I hope some of these instructions on Automatic molding machines are helpful to you.

  • Maintenance of Automatic molding machines.

  • The company has Automatic molding machines.

Maintenance of Automatic molding machines.

Circuit: pay attention to cleaning the circuit board, regularly clean the dust in the strong and weak electrical box, keep the box of Automatic molding machine dry and prevent it from getting damp.

Oil circuit: check every part of the oil circuit of Automatic molding machine for oil leakage, and take timely action. Prevent scratching of the piston rod and deterioration of oil quality.

Machinery: check the gear parts of Automatic molding machine for wear, check each grease nipple for clogging and add grease.

Other precautions: It is recommended to change the hydraulic oil once a year and clean the oil tank in the tank. The water cooler should be cleaned on a timely basis to prevent the oil temperature from rising and to speed up oil quality. Of course, safety is not a trivial matter. During maintenance, check whether the safety circuit door switch, oil circuit relief valve, mechanical safety stop, machine warning light on Automatic molding machine are working properly.

Maintenance and servicing of rollers. The roller should be refilled with anti-corrosion oil approximately every ten days. If the equipment is not expected to be used for an extended period of time, the roller should also be lubricated with anti-corrosion oil.

Maintenance and upkeep of the cutting machine. The cutter, in which there is friction, in the production process, lubricating oil is added every half hour to avoid accelerated wear of the cutter. In addition, if the burr is found to be too large and unsatisfactory, it is because the edge of the cutter is not sharp enough, and it should be taken care of early, otherwise the cutter or the abrasive may be damaged when the situation is too serious.

The company has Automatic molding machine products.

Delin Intelligent was established in Nan'an, the hometown of plumbing in China in 1998. The company takes casting automation as the core, and focuses on core manufacturing, casting, casting processing.

Our main products are series casting machines: Automatic molding machines, complete sets of sand processing equipment, open forming lines, low pressure casting machines, gravity casting machines, induction furnaces, automatic core shooters, CNC composite processing machines, robotic grinding and polishing machines, compression Forming machine, automatic sand molding machine, clay projectile machine, hot injection molding machine, core shooting machine, metal polishing machine, etc.

Our Automatic molding machines mainly include Automatic molding machine (DL ZX5060X), Automatic molding machine (DLZX100100), automatic out-of-box sliding forming machine, automatic double-station forming machine (DLZX6070SX) and so on.

If you are satisfied with our company's Automatic molding machine, you can directly order or consult related questions about the Automatic molding machine. We will provide you with the best Automatic molding machine products and services, looking forward to your visit.

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