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Advantages of Automatic molding machines

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The Automatic molding machine, also known as the unpacking machine, refers to the automatic completion of unpacking, forming, and folding of the lower bottom leaflet. I hope some of these instructions on Automatic molding machines are helpful to you.

  • Advantages of Automatic molding machines.

  • The company has Automatic molding machines.

Advantages of Automatic molding machines.

The front door of the fully automatic molding machine is convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance;

2. The back door of the fully automatic molding machine is convenient for the maintenance of the back parts;

3. The bottom of the working table of the automatic molding machine is concave, which is suitable for man-machine operation;

4. Large opening window of the automatic molding machine. It improves the efficiency of installation and maintenance;

5. Round table handle of the automatic molding machine reduces waist fatigue;

6. The automatic molding machine is equipped with an external ladder, which is easy and convenient for the staff to work quickly;

7. Symmetrical design, high usability of the equipment, easy to adjust the direction of the production line;

8. The upper and lower fixed seats of the casting machine are made of single parts to improve the overall strength and stability of the machine;

9. The automatic casting machine is entirely made of gold in its outer structure. Comprehensive protection of the internal structure of the machine:

10. The automatic casting machine adopts multifunctional protective paint, and the color of the equipment is beautiful.

11. The automatic casting machine is made of high precision castings, high strength and special welding technology and materials with good hardness, vibration resistance and long service life.

12. The automatic molding machine adopts hydraulic injection molding with table mold vibration and adopts reciprocating guide feeding device. The molding cycle is short, the production efficiency is high, the block quality is close, the strength is high, and the size is accurate.

13. The automatic molding machine uses the integrated machine technology, electricity and liquid, so that each process in the equipment cycle is consistent, so that the molding productivity is high, the stability is high, and the reject rate is low.

14. The standard bricks produced by the automatic molding machine have low cost and high profitability.

The company has Automatic molding machine products.

Delin Intelligent was established in Nan'an, the hometown of plumbing in China in 1998.

Our main products are series casting machines: Automatic molding machines, complete sets of sand processing equipment, open forming lines, low pressure casting machines, gravity casting machines, induction furnaces, automatic core shooters, CNC composite processing machines, robotic grinding and polishing machines, compression Forming machine, automatic sand molding machine, clay projectile machine, hot injection molding machine, core shooting machine, metal polishing machine, etc.

Our Automatic molding machines mainly include Automatic molding machine (DL ZX5060X), Automatic molding machine (DLZX100100), automatic out-of-box sliding forming machine, automatic double-station forming machine (DLZX6070SX) and so on.

If you are satisfied with our company's Automatic molding machine, you can directly order or consult related questions about the Automatic molding machine. We will provide you with the best Automatic molding machine products and services, looking forward to your visit.

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