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[Delin Information] Datian County Government Zhang Standing Committee and his party visited Delin for a visit!

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On the morning of February 11, 2023, Zhang Standing Committee of Datian County Government and his party visited Delin Intelligent Marketing Center. Yi Huiquan, Deputy Mayor of Nan'an Municipal People's Government, Huang Ziya, Director of Nan'an Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and Huang Shuanglong, Deputy Director of Nan'an Municipal Party Committee Office , Liucheng Street Office Director Zheng Kaipeng, accompanied by Mr. Chen Jiantuan, Chairman of Delin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and Mr. Chen Jiyong, Executive Vice President, warmly received.



The delegation first visited the exhibition hall of Delin Intelligent Technology. Mr. Chen Jiyong vividly introduced the production process of Delin Foundry's automated production line through interactive demonstrations of models and screens. In the global layout module, mural projection technology is used to perfectly integrate animation and maps, and it vividly demonstrates Delin's current sales layout and future marketing plan. Delin Smart Technology Exhibition Hall is divided into six sections: Delin Starting Point, Corporate Culture, Development History, Production Line Model, Global Layout, and Park Display. Come to a shocking audio-visual experience.



Standing Committee Zhang highly recognized Delin for grasping the development trend of the industry, strengthening technological research and development and technological innovation, continuously improving and upgrading products, and accelerating the process of digital, intelligent and green development. At the same time, he expressed his appreciation for Delin's efforts to empower the company with technology, establish a smart technology exhibition hall, and help enterprises develop.




After visiting the exhibition hall, the delegation went to Delin's intelligent automatic production workshop, and visited a variety of automation equipment such as automatic molding machine (upper and lower sand shooting double stations), six-axis four-station CNC polishing machine, robot automatic casting and so on. Member Zhang highly affirmed the level of Delin's intelligent CNC equipment. Mr. Chen Jiyong said that Delin, as one of the representative enterprises in the Nanan machinery industry, can not only provide a single intelligent equipment, but also provide customers with modern intelligent one-stop casting operation solutions from point to point.


During the inspection, Deputy Mayor Yi Huiquan kindly inquired about Delin's business situation, asked the company's current difficulties and whether it needed government support. He said that 2023 is an important window period for accelerated economic recovery. Enterprises should boost confidence and accelerate the pace of resumption of work and production. Mr. Chen Jiyong said that at present, all workshops are rushing to make orders, maintain full production, run at full speed, and go all out to make a "good start" for the Year of the Rabbit.

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