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[Delin Information] Deepen school-enterprise cooperation and achieve win-win cooperation.

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Deepen school-enterprise cooperation to achieve a win-win situation. On the morning of July 12, Fu Gaosheng, vice president of Minjiang University, and his delegation visited Delin Intelligence for inspection and exchange. Mr. Chen Jiantuan, chairman of Delin Intelligent, warmly received and accompanied the visit.

CNC polishing machine factory - Delin

Vice President Fu Gaosheng led the team of professors and doctors, accompanied by Chairman Chen Jiantuan, to visit Delin R&D Center, Finishing Division, Intelligent Production Center, Sheet Metal Division, Anken Automation and Changjiang Industrial Production Workshop. The delegation stopped by automation equipment such as Delin automatic molding machine, six-axis four-station CNC polishing machine, robot grinding and polishing unit, horizontal CNC twelve-axis drilling and tapping machine, and praised Delin's high level of automation. Advanced manufacturing technology.

Delin automatic molding machine

Finally, the inspection team came to the third floor of the marketing center to participate in the "Intelligent Manufacturing Industry-University-Research Cooperation and Exchange Symposium". At the symposium, Mr. Chen Jiyong, Executive Vice President of Delin Intelligence, extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Vice President Fu Gaosheng and his party, and introduced the functions and main business of each business department of the company in detail. In addition, Vice President Chen also used VR equipment to vividly demonstrate the technological process of Delin casting automation overall solution.


Vice President Fu Gaosheng highly recognized Delin's efforts to grasp the development trend of the industry, strengthen technology research and development and technological innovation, continuously improve and upgrade products, and accelerate digital, intelligent and green development. He said that through the visits and exchanges, he deeply felt the vigorous development trend and strong R&D and production capacity of Delin Intelligence. Delin's complete industrial chain ecosystem and global vision are favorable conditions for deepening school-enterprise cooperation and promoting win-win development.

Chairman Chen Jiantuan said that universities are one of the important gathering places for various scientific and technological achievements, and the transformation of scientific research achievements is a win-win situation for schools and enterprises. Delin has always kept an open mind and actively explored new modes of school-enterprise cooperation. As a key university in Fujian Province, Minjiang University has a huge scientific research team and strong scientific research strength. In the future, in-depth cooperation can be carried out on carrying out disciplinary research and technology transformation, and sharing high-level talents. At the meeting, combined with the development trend of the industry, Chairman Chen Jiantuan put forward project requirements on the application of 3D printing technology in core-making equipment, research on inorganic sand core materials, and the application of water-based resins, and reached a preliminary research intention with the school.

Automatic molding machine factory - Delin

This exchange and inspection meeting was successfully concluded in a warm atmosphere, and the next cooperation direction for the school and enterprise was clarified. At the same time, Delin will further explore a diversified school-enterprise cooperation model, gather R&D, high-level talents and production resources from both parties, improve core technologies, and respond to various opportunities and challenges in the industry and at home and abroad with a stronger attitude.

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