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[Delin Information] Deepen school-enterprise cooperation and promote the integration of industry and education.

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On the afternoon of May 27, Yang Yuanzhi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Liming University, led the leadership team of the School of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, accompanied by Zhang Yanjie, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of Nan'an City, and Hong Qisheng, Vice Chairman of the Science and Technology Association, to visit our company to carry out "Industry-Education Integration, School-Enterprise Integration" Cooperation” special research. Zhou Sijin, president of Nan'an Equipment Manufacturing Association, and Huang Qingwang, secretary general of the association, accompanied the inspection. Chen Jiantuan, chairman of Delin Intelligent, warmly welcomed and accompanied the visit.

Professional die casting machine factory - Delin

Accompanied by Chairman Chen Jiantuan, the inspection team went to the intelligent automation production workshop of Delin, and visited the casting mold open line, automatic core shooting machine, automatic molding machine, six-axis four-station CNC polishing machine, robot grinding and polishing Units and other automation equipment. Secretary Yang Yuanzhi of Liming University has a strong interest in the six-axis four-station CNC polishing machine of Changjiang Industrial, a subsidiary of Delin.

sand core shooting machine factory - Delin

Chairman Chen Jiantuan said that Delin not only has a high level of intelligent equipment, but also provides a complete set of casting solutions for enterprises. It is a comprehensive modern intelligent manufacturing enterprise. In the follow-up, this school-enterprise cooperation can be used as an opportunity to give full play to the advantages of resources and establish long-term and close cooperative relations with the school in personnel training, teaching reform, internship training, technology research and development, etc.

After the visit, a symposium was held, and Delin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with the School of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering of Liming University, and held the awarding ceremony of the "Practical Teaching Base".

standard export single layer factory - Delin

Automatic molding factory - Delin

Technological innovation, talent-oriented. As one of the representative enterprises in Nan'an machinery industry, Delin Intelligence always adheres to an open mind, constantly attracts outstanding talents to join, enhances the cohesion of the enterprise, and builds a highland of enterprise talents. At the same time, Delin will also actively practice corporate responsibility, work with the school to promote the integration of industry and education, deepen school-enterprise cooperation, and jointly promote the high-quality development of industry education.

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