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[Delin Information]Delin 2023 Technology Center will start technical exchange in spring

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In order to create a learning atmosphere for employees and improve their business level, at the beginning of the new year, Delin Intelligent Technology R&D Center held a technical/after-sales training sharing meeting. There are about 20 people from the company's technology R&D center, intelligent production center, quality inspection department, and after-sales service department. Attend this meeting. The sharing session was chaired by Director Chen of the Technology Research and Development Department.


At the sharing meeting, an equipment engineer shared technical information on the installation precautions of the upper and lower shot sand molding machines, the working cycle time of the molding machine, and the relationship between the main machine push and wiring. Aprocess engineer gave a detailed introduction on the relationship between the quality of the molding sand and the sand mold, and the analysis of the causes of casting defects during the commissioning of the entire casting line. At the same time, the sharing session also provides systematic training on the after-sales debugging of related models.



The atmosphere of the event was lively. As a national-level professional and special "little giant" enterprise, Delin attaches great importance to the cultivation of corporate learning atmosphere. Through internal training, organizing professional technology exchange salons, establishing and improving reward mechanisms, etc., it drives employees and the company to grow together.

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