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Delin Information | Delin Intelligence Has Won 2 Major Honors!

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On March 31, 2023, the second member conference and licensing ceremony of the first session of the Fujian Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce was grandly held at the Crowne Plaza Binjiang Hotel in Quanzhou.



Delin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. won the title of Vice President Unit, "Enterprise with Outstanding Contribution to COVID-19 Prevention and Control"



Delin has been deeply involved in the field of intelligent equipment for more than 20 years, integrating robot automation, intelligent equipment design and development, production manufacturing, and industrial applications, while providing overall solutions for casting automation.

In the future, Delin will be driven by technology to create a modern intelligent one-stop casting operation service with the best experience, allowing China's "intelligent manufacturing" products to enter the international perspective, and opening a new chapter of green casting with China's "casting power"!

  Xinglian Industry Area, Nanan,Fujian
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