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Introduction of core shooting machine

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The core shooter uses compressed air to evenly shoot the molding sand into the sand box for pre-compacting, and then applies pressure for compaction. I hope this explanation about the core shooter will be helpful to you.

  • An introduction to the core shooter.

  • The company has a core shooting machine.

An introduction to the core shooter.

The core blowing machine uses compressed air to uniformly shoot the molded sand into the sandbox for pre-pressurization, and then applies pressure to compact it. The most commonly used machines are vertical boxless core splitters and horizontal boxless core splitters. Vertical boxless core splitters do not require a sandbox and the moulding sand is sprayed directly into the moulding chamber by means of a template. This sand mould has a high dimensional accuracy. There are cavities on both sides of the sandbox. Strict requirements. Horizontal core shooting machine with split open box used to form the sandbox. After the sand mold is formed, the mold is taken out of the sandbox, which is easy to place the core into and has high productivity.

The core ejection machine uses layered sand to produce cores and is suitable for both hot and cold core ejection. The characteristics of the core blasting machine are the use of two guide pillars, vertical separation of open and closed mould, simultaneous installation of two different moulds, the middle fixed frame can be double-sided installation of the fixed mould, left and right open and closed mould. The core ejection machine is widely used in the foundry industry, and the cores produced by the core ejection machine have accurate size and smooth surface. The working principle of the core shooting machine is to shoot a mixture of sand with liquid or solid thermosetting resin as a binder into the heated core box, and the sand core is preheated and cured to a certain thickness (about 5~10mm) in the box and taken out to form a finished sand core with a smooth surface and accurate size.

The company has core shooting machine products.

Delin Intelligent was established in Nan'an, the hometown of plumbing in China in 1998.

Our main products are series casting machines: automatic forming machines, complete sets of sand processing equipment, open forming lines, low pressure casting machines, gravity casting machines, induction furnaces, automatic core shooters, CNC composite processing machines, robotic grinding and polishing machines, compression Forming machine, automatic sand molding machine, clay projectile machine, hot injection molding machine, core shooting machine, metal polishing machine, etc.

Our core shooting machines mainly include hot core box core shooting machine, semi-automatic hot core box core shooting machine, automatic sand core shooting machine, automatic double-head core shooting machine, semi-automatic hot core box blow molding machine and so on.

If you are satisfied with our company's core shooting machine, you can directly order or consult related questions about the core shooting machine. We will provide you with the best core shooter products and services and look forward to your visit.

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