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Precautions for polishing machines

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Polishers, also called grinders, are typically used for mechanical grinding, polishing, and waxing. I hope these instructions on polishing machinesare helpful to you.

  • Precautions for polishing machines.

  • The company has polishing machines.

Precautions for polishing machines.

1. The high-speed polishing machine shall not be used if the following conditions are met

The operator has not received professional training.

The operator has not learned the "safe operating procedures".

The operation of the high-speed polisher is not normal.

2. Before using the high-speed polisher, the following environmental checks should be made

The operator's hands and feet should be kept away from the rotating polishing head of the polisher.

The operator must not step on the power cord of the polisher or wrap the power cord in the polishing head.

The operator must dress safely.

The polishing surface of the polisher must not exceed the length of the power cord.

The operator must not release the polisher's control lever without permission. When stopping the machine, the lever must be released after the high-speed polisher has come to a complete stop.

The polishing machine must not use polishing pads that contain dust and dirt. If a polishing pad that is too dirty cannot be cleaned, it should be replaced in time.

When the polisher is replaced or installed, the power must be turned off.

3. Storage of the high speed polisher

Turn off the power to the polisher.

Tilt the polisher backwards and place the rear wheel on the floor.

The polisher should not be stored outside, but should be stored in a dry place.

4. When polishing with the polisher, the grinding surface of the specimen and the polishing wheel must be absolutely parallel, as well as the need for a slight uniform pressure on the polishing wheel.

Avoid the local wear of the polishing cloth too quickly, in the polishing process constantly add the micro-powder suspension, the polishing cloth to maintain a certain humidity, the humidity can not too big, not too small.

The speed of fine polishing can be higher than the speed of coarse polishing.

Hand polishing is usually done on a polishing wheel with low speed, first store the polishing wax vector, then adjust the speed of the polishing wheel. The surface of the object is polished.

The company has polishing machine products.

Delin Intelligent was established in Nan'an, the hometown of plumbing in China in 1998.

Our main products are series casting machines: automatic forming machine, complete set of sand processing equipment, open forming line, low pressure casting machine, gravity casting machine, induction furnace, automatic core shooting machine, CNC composite processing machine, robot grinding and polishing machine, metal polishing machine, etc.

Our polishing machines mainly include six-axis four-station CNC polishing machine, robot polishing machine, robot polishing machine, robot grinding and polishing unit, six-axis dual-station CNC polishing machine, barrel grinder, drag-type grinding and polishing machine, etc.

If you are satisfied with our company's polishing machine, you can directly order or consult related questions about the polishing machine. We will provide you with the best polishing machine products and services and look forward to your visit.

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