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Brass Faucets Casting Machine

Reputation Value:
1.The core power frequency induction melting furnace is integrated with the traditional manufacturing and use.
2.Using experience, continuous improvement and improvement has produced a basically reasonable semi-continuous casting machine. A set of basically complete casting process has been explored from long-term manufacturing, which is completely suitable for casting round copper ingots below Φ320 and the production of various slabs.
3.Domestic independent technical property rights, stable and guaranteed product use, support personalized customization, and enhance customer experience.
4.Global service network, fast and convenient customer service, more than 20 years of brand accumulation, high corporate emotional recognition.
5.Expert technicians provide full service, and the product design is reasonable and effective.

  • DL-Z450-B/DL-Z550-B

  • Delin


Technical Parameter:


Featured Design:

1.Circuits are all controlled by PLC,data setting adopts touch screen ,electrical components are imported from Japan and hydraulic components are as well imported from outside.

2. For gravity model casting with brass and ferroalloy.

3. Front casting,lateral casting and secondary casting are optional.

4. Individual cooling time of model is adjustable.

5. The dismantling ,assembly and cleaning of model are convenient.

6. Two functions of manual and automatic circulation are available.Totalizing counter and preset counter are arranged to record the piece number of on duty production.

Delin Intelligent Technology:

1.We are one manufacturer of metal foundry machinery and CNC machining machinery in China.

2.We are production automatic molding machine, gravity pressure casting machine, compound CNC polishing machine , SPM machine(compound CNC drilling machine,CNC machining center etc.), furnace, core shooting machine, mixing sand machine and so on.

3.Our machines are extensively used in producing and machining foundry parts,metal castings, plumbing fittings, sanitary ware,car spare parts,valve for brass, aluminium, zinc, iron cast production line and others please contact us!

4.We have professional technical support and after sale service. With a whole line foundry machines,good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs.


Our Service:

We have strict management system,complete quality guarantee system and fine pre-sale and after-sale service system.

1.Pre-sale Service System

Please do not hesitate to contact with us If you are interested in machine. We can design the machine you requirements.

2.After-sale Service System

24/7 on line,including mobile/wechat/whatsapp etc. Our technician is available to visit and go to your place,and they will help your side for installation,maintenance,and training.


30% Deposit by TT,and The rest 70% by photos or you can check the quality on our factory before they shipment.

  Xinglian Industry Area, Nanan,Fujian
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