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CNC Grinding Machine

  • CJR5

  • Changjiang


Equipment use range:
1. CJR5030-35 CNC grinding machine is suitable for grinding and cutting medium-sized castings of 1~35Kg (including tooling). The equipment can flexibly grind various castings with complex shapes, and is equipped with a rotary exchange table as standard.
2. Suitable for deburring and grinding of cast iron parts, such as automobile cylinder head, flywheel cover, clutch housing, chain cover, etc.

Technical Parameters:





Machine size






Rated voltage



Max size of diamond grinding wheel



Max size of work-piece



Max weight of work-piece

35KG(含工装)(including tooling)


Main grinding motor



Small grinding motor



Grinding spindle rotation angle

The spindle can perform vertical to horizontal conversion from 0 to 90 °



Rotating exchange station


Machine weight


Main structural components:

1. Machine base: bears the installation composition and load of all components;

2. Column structure: Equipped with a linear guide rail and ball screw pair inside, achieving the Z-axis feeding of the mechanical arm; The guide rail and screw rod are made of Shangyin brand, and the bearings are made of NSK brand;

3. Mechanical arm: The mechanical arm consists of three rotating axes: X-axis, Y-axis, and C-axis. Each joint is equipped with an RV reducer or harmonic reducer to achieve the rotation of each axis. The reducer has a large transmission ratio, high load-bearing capacity, high accuracy, bidirectional positioning accuracy less than 2 arc minutes, high transmission efficiency, and long service life;

4. Grinding the main shaft head: Using diamond grinding wheels, with a long service life, safe and reliable. Equipped with a large diamond grinding wheel spindle and a small grinding spindle, the two main spindle heads can be switched according to the product processing technology. The large diamond grinding wheel spindle is suitable for grinding the outer parting line of the workpiece and the larger gate and riser, while the small grinding spindle is suitable for grinding the small included angle and inner circular hole parting line. The maximum speed of the large diamond grinding wheel spindle is 2000r/min, and the maximum speed of the small grinding spindle is 24000r/min. The grinding line speed is 3-5 meters/min, and the grinding repetition accuracy is about ± 0.1mm;

5. Rotary exchange worktable: The rotary worktable is used for loading and unloading materials, and the replacement of workpieces and fixtures is simple, with fast and accurate positioning. The loading station on the workbench is equipped with a cylinder auxiliary support device to prevent the U-axis reducer from supporting the workpiece on one side for a long grinding time, which better increases the service life of the reducer;

6. Workpiece clamping mechanism: The connecting rod structure compresses the workpiece more firmly;

7. Control System: A self-developed professional polishing software system based on the Huazhong CNC system platform. The handheld teaching device is more convenient for polishing and teaching, and the hand pulse fine tuning teaching is more accurate.

Operation process:

Manually place the workpiece at the clamping station of the rotary exchange workbench, press the start button button, and the U-axis will automatically rotate 180 degrees to the loading and unloading station of the mechanical arm. The mechanical arm will remove the workpiece and follow the preset program to grab the workpiece onto the grinding wheel to complete the polishing of each position. After the polishing is completed, the mechanical arm will then place the workpiece in the clamping position of the mechanical arm of the rotary workbench, and then rotate the workbench again 180 degrees to manually remove the polished finished parts, Add the blank again and cycle like this.

Fujian Changjiang Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in February 2007 and is a subsidiary of Delin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of high-end technical equipment such as robots and numerical control intelligent automation equipment in the production field.


Our Service:

We have strict management system,complete quality guarantee system and fine pre-sale and after-sale service system.

1.Pre-sale Service System

Please do not hesitate to contact with us If you are interested in machine. We can design the machine you requirements.

2.After-sale Service System

24/7 on line,including mobile/wechat/whatsapp etc. Our technician is available to visit and go to your place,and they will help your side for installation,maintenance,and training.


30% Deposit by TT,and The rest 70% by photos or you can check the quality on our factory before they shipment.

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