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DELIN Automatic Molding Machine (DLZX5060XH/6070XH/7080XH)

1.The machine is stable, low power consumption, and long lifetime.
2.High level of automation, easy control, and lower labor cost.
3.Highly standardized, good parts interchangeable, fast and low-cost maintenance.
4.The sand could be compacted both inside and outside according to technical requirements, which makes the sand mold better.
5.Mold release agent is sprayed automatically, which makes the demolding smoothly.casting surface glossily, and no defect in the sand mold.
  • DLZX7080XH

  • Delin


Technical Parameter:

No. Items DLZX7080XH
1 Mold dimensions(L×W)



2 Thickness of sand box



3 Molding takt(s/mold) 44s/mold (without the time for sand core loading)
4 Compacting pressure ≤25Mpa
5 Air consumption 1.0m³(Normal)
6 Humidity of sand mold 3-4%
7 Drive method Electric-pneumatic-hydraulic
8 Thickness of template 25-30mm
9 Power supply AC380V,50Hz
10 Total power of the machine 31KW
11 Net weight 18T
12 External dimensions(L*W*H) 5000*3240*5710mm

Technical Characteristics:

1.Use up and down vertical sand blasting , the position and size of the nozzle can be adjusted, and the sand blasting has no dead angle.

2.Double sand cylinders are used to shoot sand alone, which has good sand effect and sand compactness.

3.Automatic box discharging, place the sand core conveniently and accurately, reduce the working intensity and have higher safety factor.

4.Automatic box discharging, which is convenient to observe the quality of sand mould inner cavity, improve the surface smoothness of castings and improve the product quality.

5.The independent sealed control system is adopted, and the parameter storage is intelligent. Easy to check the faults and easy to operate. The low maintenance cost.

6.The imported servo hydraulic system is adopted, the equipment runs smoothly, with high precision and low noise, and comes with oil temperature and air cooling function, which is energy-saving and environment-friendly.

7.The innovative combined sand blasting method of multiple air sources can flexibly adjust the sand blasting pressure, gas flow rate and sand blasting method for products.

8.Personalized customization such as the size of the sand box and the height of the sand mold can be carried out according to the user's product requirements.

Product Analysis:

Molding production of sand molds for castings made of ductile iron, gray cast iron, malleable steel, non-ferrous metals, etc., such as valves, bearing seats, belt pulleys, pump bodies, hydraulic parts, pipe fittings, agricultural machinery parts, stove parts, machinery and auto parts.

Our Service:

We have strict management system,complete quality guarantee system and fine pre-sale and after-sale service system.

1.Pre-sale Service System

Please do not hesitate to contact with us If you are interested in machine. We can design the machine you requirements.

2.After-sale Service System

24/7 on line,including mobile/wechat/whatsapp etc. Our technician is available to visit and go to your place,and they will help your side for installation,maintenance,and training.


30% Deposit by TT,and The rest 70% by photos or you can check the quality on our factory before they shipment.

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