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DELIN Make Iron Making Molding Machine


Automatic Casting Production Solutions

After years research, Nan'an delin machinery company are combined with China’s small and medium foundry reality designed a variety of automated production line plan,the maximum use of existing foundry equipment, tooling, sites, form a complete set of electric power, save a lot of investment for foundry, quick installation, commissioning and put into production, make your return on investment as soon as possible to get a bargain.

Flexible service form, we can provide from the sand processing, modeling casting cooling and pressure on the iron box automatically take on the old sand recycling and full turnkey engineering services, also you can adopt our company design. Except any part of the molding machine,client can choose by yourself. That's means our client's casting factory can make full use of their available resources so as to save investment, we will work to assist you.


Automatic Sand Molding Machine Features
1. The machine is stable, low power consumption, and long lifetime.
2. High level of automation, easy control, and lower labor cost.

3. Highly standardized, good parts interchangeable, fast and low-cost maintenance

4. The sand could be compacted both inside and outside according to technical

requirements, which makes the sand mold better.

5. Mold release agent is sprayed automatically, which makes the demolding smoothly.

casting surface glossily, and no defect in the sand mold.

6. Electric cabinet and hydraulic station are all installed in the machine, which makes

them compact and easy maintenance.

7. Low failure rate, and the machine can diagnose the failure by its own.


1. The hydraulic system adopts Yuci Yuken (Japan), and the main pumps and valves are all medium and low pressure systems imported from Japan (rated pressure ≤20Mpa). The system is safe and reliable. The hydraulic oil tank is equipped with a heating system to ensure the system under low temperature environments. normal work.

2. Airtac (Taiwan) products are selected for the main pneumatic components of the pneumatic system, which are reliable in quality, stable in performance and convenient in service.

3. The parts are processed by CNC laser cutting and manufactured by Toshiba's large-scale machining center, which thoroughly guarantees the unity and precision of the parts.

4. Imported non-contact magnetic displacement sensor is adopted, which is reliable in use, high in accuracy, less failure and long in life.


1. Before payment

a. Free contact for the most suitable machine.

b. Free professional design for each customer especially.

c. Welcome to visit our factory.

2. After-Sales Service

We will send engineers / technicians to make commissioning at buyer’s factory, train the machine works well, and also supply the technical support for free and spare parts at good price always.

3. Guarantee Period

One year. During the guarantee period, the seller guarantee to solve all problems may occur due to machine's quality or wrong design, and to provide all necessary spare parts for repair, Seller can send the technician to buyer's factory on seller's account if problem is serious and can't be solved by Buyer.

4. Payment Terms

30% as deposit, 70% after the machine is ready before delivery.

5. Lead Time

Our delivery time generally it is 30-40 days if the machines are in stock, or it is 70-90 days if the machines are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

  Xinglian Industry Area, Nanan,Fujian
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