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Efficient Cutting Machine

1.The overall size is 1270mm*890mm*1960mm, and the worktable size is 580*700mm;
2.The outer cover is laser-cut. The high-strength plates before the blanking are all pre-processed by leveling and rust removal, and then integrally stamped and formed and installed on the rack after baking, so that the appearance of the equipment is reliable, safe, practical, beautiful and generous;
3.The main color is blue and white, which is Delin's classic color matching, which is in line with Delin's LOGO color matching. Low-saturation colors can also relieve visual fatigue;
  • CJPB-3LA-2
  • Changjiang

CJPB-3LA-2 CBB Abrasive Cutting Machine
Cjpb-3la-2 Cbb Cutting Machine, Abrasive Cutting off Machine
Cjpb-3la-2 Cbb Cutting Machine, Abrasive Cutting off Machine

Cjpb-3la-2 Cbb Cutting Machine, Abrasive Cutting off Machine

1.The expansion of the market demand for vertical band sawing machines has made the vertical band sawing machine industry's sales rebound significantly, the supply and demand relationship has been improved, and the profitability of the industry has steadily improved, and the band sawing machine is gradually replacing the circular sawing machine. The potential for business opportunities in it cannot be small. watch for;

2.The global service network provides free "three guarantees" service for one year or 150,000 boxes from the date of leaving the factory, and provides customers with accessories and machine maintenance outside the "three guarantees" period. Paid service, more than 20 years of brand accumulation, high corporate emotional recognition;

Delin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

1. We are one manufacturer of metal foundry machinery and CNC machining machinery in China.

2.We are production automatic molding machine, gravity pressure casting machine, compound CNC polishing machine , SPM machine(compound CNC drilling machine,CNC machining center etc.), furnace, core shooting machine, mixing sand machine and so on.

3.Our machines are extensively used in producing and machining foundry parts,metal castings, plumbing fittings, sanitary

ware,car spare parts,valve for brass, aluminium, zinc, iron cast production line and others please contact us!

4.We have professional technical support and after sale service. With a whole line foundry machines,good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs.


Company Introduction:
Fujian Nanan Delin Machinery Manufacturing Co.,ltd
Delin Company Located in sanitary home Nanan,is the earliest professional casting equipment manufacturer in the southern parts of china.
With the area of 50000m2,350 workers including 65 middle&highclass professional technicians.
Main Products:Automatic molding machine,low pressure die casting machine,gravity casting machine,furnace,core shooting machine,mix sand machine,abrator,etc...
Widely used in plumbing,sanitaryware,car spares,valves.iron cast lines,etc
It provides a series of service,including technical conseling,mould designing,live training for staff,etc



Delin Intelligent, founded in 1998, focuses on casting automation as the core, centering on core making, casting, casting processing and surface treatment, sand treatment, and open horizontal molding lines.
  Xinglian Industry Area, Nanan,Fujian



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