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Gantry Type Low-pressure Casting Machine

1.The pressure die casting machines are widely used casting of Copper Alloy Product, Zinc Alloy Product.

2.Pressure die casting machine structure: Equipment Including mainly Machine, Furnace, Pick Material Equipment, Graphite Tank,Wash Mold - Room, Hoist And Crane Control System, Hydraulic System, Pouring System, Pneumatic System Components.

3.The control system uses Siemens ET200PLC control, The manipulator is moved by servo, Fast and stable performance, high precision control.

4.Furnace weight is 1.8T,Melting Rate is 350kg/h,each inductor, the water jacket cooling water with a flow pressure detection, alarm.

5.Pick material equipment : has front and back, left and right, turn and down function,can send the products to store car.

6.Wash-mold room : mold surface oxide can be moved within the mold cleaning mold clean up warehouse.

  • CJRD-5042
  • Changjiang

Gantry Type Low-Pressure Casting Machine for Casting of Copper Alloy & Zinc Alloy

Different Brands of Hydraulic System SUN,REXROTH,YUKEN etc.
Maximum of Mold Weight 180kg
Maximum Size Of Mold 500 * 400 * 250 (Thickness)  mm
The Dimension of Machine 5000 * 4600 * 3400 mm
Equipment Power 120 kw
Furnace Power 3 * 35 kw
Tube Quantity 3
Melting Rate 350 kg / h
Furnace Capacity   1.8 T
Processing Types Metal Casting Automatic
Air Pressure 6 kg 
Water Pressure 3 kg
Function  Die casting brass,aluminum,zinc alloy stainless steel etc.
Warranty 1 year

Application: casting of copper alloy & zinc alloy products.

Main structure: the main engine is composed of furnace, feeder machine, graphite tank, mold washing chamber, chain block and control system, hydraulic system, casting system, pneumatic system.

Control system adopts Siemens PLC controller, mechanical hand side sway adopts servo driver, and is fast, stable in performance and highly-accurate in control.

The furnace has a capacity of 1.8T, a melting rate of 350kg/h, stepless power and pressure regulation, and each induction coil and water jacket cooling water have flow and water pressure detection.

Feeder machine: can turn back and forth, up and down, or overturn. Can deliver products directly to the storage cart.

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Mold washing chamber: when the molds get oxidized for some time, it will send molds automatically to the mold washing bin for cleaning.

Motor calabash: can effectively lift 500kg. Main used to lift the cover when cleaning furnace.

Graphite tank:to control temperature and blend graphite.

The hydraulic system adopts the combined of international brands, such as SUN, REXROTH, YUKEN, etc. It is a professional component with stable performance, good pollution resistance, suitable for running water hydraulic oil.

Furnace pouring system: adopt pneumatic components from NORGREN, FESTO brands, etc. Proportion controlled pressure and double safety valve protection, ensuring quality and security of casting.

It is easy to set functions and parameters through touch panel. Also the touch panel can show defect codes, facilitating inspection.


Company Introduction
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