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Semi-auto Heat Core Box Shooting Machine

  • DLZS4026D

  • Delin


Application direction: plumbing, hardware, pump valves, fire fighting, automobile and motorcycle accessories and other industries.
Analysis of output products: manufacturing of various sand cores for small and medium-sized workpieces in the valve, faucet, hardware, hydraulic and pneumatic industries.

Technical Parameter:





Max. Weight of Sand Core



Max. Size of Core Box (L*W*H)



Ejector Vertical Stroke



Size of Heating Plate (L*W)



Core-Pulling Stroke



Heating Power



Net Weight



External Dimensions (L*W*H)


Material Selection:

1. The frame is welded with high-quality carbon structural steel, and the stress is eliminated after welding and integrated processing to ensure the rigidity and processing accuracy of the frame; it is the skeleton that supports each subsystem of the core shooter;

2. The contactor and relay adopt Schneider, and the switching power supply adopts Taiwan Mingwei, a professional brand, with stable performance;

3. The air control system is composed of rack air cylinders, cylinders, pipelines and related air circuit control components. The main supporting pneumatic components are all Taiwanese Airtac brand products, first-line brand high-end configuration, fast response, and improved equipment life;

4. Customers need to prepare their own refrigerators to keep the water temperature at about 10°;

5. A gate valve and an oil-water separator must be installed between the main air pipe of the machine and the main air pipe of the workshop to remove the water contained in the compressed air.

Functional Value:

1. The man-machine interface and imported high-quality electric control and pneumatic components ensure accurate and reliable control and easy operation;

2. Sand filling and compaction are completed at the same time, the core sand hardens fast, and a cycle period only takes ten to tens of seconds;

3. It can shoot complex sand cores, with good quality, precise size and smooth surface, which can effectively control the machining allowance of castings;

4. The sand-shooting cylinder can be moved, and it is convenient to manually clean the sand-shooting hole when away from the high-temperature area; it can shoot dry sand or wet sand, which can save a lot of auxiliary equipment and tools for core making, such as core drying furnace, dryer, Core bone, wax thread, etc.;

5. The mold clamping base can be moved along the X axis, which makes the sand hole of the perforation alignment mold more convenient and accurate.

6. Using pneumatic device and electric heating, the temperature can be automatically controlled, and the work site is easy to keep clean, creating good conditions for the mechanization of core making.

Company Introduction:

Delin Company is located in Nan'an, the home of sanitary ware, and is the earliest professional casting equipment manufacturer in South China.

It covers an area of 50,000 square meters and has 350 employees, including 65 middle and senior professional and technical personnel.

Main products: automatic molding machines, low-pressure casting machines, gravity casting machines, furnaces, core shooters, sand mixers, etc.

Widely used in plumbing, bathroom, auto parts, valves, casting lines, etc.

We provide a series of services such as technical consultation, mold design, and on-site staff training.


Our Service:

We have strict management system,complete quality guarantee system and fine pre-sale and after-sale service system.

1.Pre-sale Service System

Please do not hesitate to contact with us If you are interested in machine. We can design the machine you requirements.

2.After-sale Service System

24/7 on line,including mobile/wechat/whatsapp etc. Our technician is available to visit and go to your place,and they will help your side for installation,maintenance,and training.


30% Deposit by TT,and The rest 70% by photos or you can check the quality on our factory before they shipment.

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