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Shot Blasting Machine

  • DL-560

  • Delin


The machine is suitable for sand cleaning, rust removal, oxide scale removal and surface strengthening of small castings, forgings, stamping
parts, gears, springs and other work pieces in various industries, especially for cleaning and strengthening of parts afraid of collision. (Note: This machine cannot clean high temperature parts and parts with flash burr, otherwise the track will be damaged.)The machine is a new product designed and developed by integrating domestic and foreign technologies. It is a cleaning equipment with good cleaning effect, compact structure, small noise and good integrity.

Technical Parameter:





Weight of Workpiece



Load Capacity



Shot Blasting Capability



Ventilation Volume



Installed Power



Net Weight



External Dimensions (L*W*H)


Main Structure and Working Principle:

1.This machine is a kind of small cleaning equipment with simple structure, mainly composed of cleaning room, shot blaster assembly, elevator, separator, electrical system, etc. 

2.Working principle: add a specified number of work pieces into the cleaning chamber. After the machine is started, the work pieces are driven by the roller and begin to turn over. At the same time, the shot thrown by the shot blaster at high speed forms a flow beam, which strikes the work piece surface evenly, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning and strengthening. 

3.The shot and sand particles thrown out flow into the elevator through the small holes on the rubber track and are lifted to the separator by the elevator for separation. 

4.The dust is sucked into the dust remover by the fan for filtration, and the clean air is discharged into the atmosphere. The dust on the cloth bag falls into the dust collection box at the bottom of the dust remover by hand vibration. The user can remove it regularly. 

5.The waste sand flows out from the waste pipe, and the user can reuse it. The mixture of shot and sand is taken back into the chamber body by the recycling pipe, and then reused after the separator is separated.

6.The clean shot enters the shot blaster to hit the work piece by the electromagnetic feed gate.

The Following Characteristics:
1. The machine adopts a high-efficiency shot blasting machine with direct motor traction, which has the characteristics of high shot blasting efficiency, long service life, simple structure, etc.
2. The air type separator is adopted, which has good separation effect and high productivity, and improves the service life of the blade of the shot blasting machine.
3. Using bag filter, the dust emission concentration is lower than the national standard, improving the working environment of workers.
4. The wear-resistant rubber track reduces the collision and damage to the work piece, and reduces the noise of the machine. 

5. After the work piece is cleaned, it can unload automatically, whichreduces the labor intensity of workers.

Our Service:

We have strict management system,complete quality guarantee system and fine pre-sale and after-sale service system.

1.Pre-sale Service System

Please do not hesitate to contact with us If you are interested in machine. We can design the machine you requirements.

2.After-sale Service System

24/7 on line,including mobile/wechat/whatsapp etc. Our technician is available to visit and go to your place,and they will help your side for installation,maintenance,and training.


30% Deposit by TT,and The rest 70% by photos or you can check the quality on our factory before they shipment.

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