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Whole Line Design of Environmental Protection

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Today's world is undergoing rapid industrialization, and the damage to the environment cannot be ignored. It is necessary to protect the environment while developing the economy in order to achieve the goal of sustainable development.

Delin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has been following the innovation of industrial low-carbon technology, creating equipment that conforms to the common development of industry and the environment, constantly improving the design, and forming a multi-dimensional and full-coverage industrial low-carbon development system for different key areas.

The whole line of Delin is mainly composed of molding machine, open line and sand plant. The entire production line is equipped with a scattered sand recovery system to collect the sand generated at key sand fall points. The sand is separated from the iron filings by magnetic separation and can be reused. The entire production process is equipped with a dust removal system, which realizes the organized discharge of exhaust gas and dust, and realizes the function of adjusting the composition of the old sand and assisting in cooling while cleaning the dust.


The entire production line has been implementing the concept of "environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction, and consumption reduction" to achieve a win-win situation of economic development and environmental protection.

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