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automatic mental Molding Machine for Mold Foundry

Automatic Sand Molding Machine Features
1. The machine is stable, low power consumption, and long lifetime.
2. High level of automation, easy control, and lower labor cost.

3. Highly standardized, good parts interchangeable, fast and low-cost maintenance

4. The sand could be compacted both inside and outside according to technical

requirements, which makes the sand mold better.

5. Mold release agent is sprayed automatically, which makes the demolding smoothly.


Automatic Sand Molding Machine Working Process

a. The fist step is convey the sand to molding machine;

b. The second step is shooting the sand to the mould,and compacting up and down;

c. The third step is put the sand core in to the mould and compacting up and down,until be a forming die;

d. The fourth step is unloading the sand box;

e. Then molding placement;

f. Finally,pouring the iron water into to the sand mould.When it cold ,the mold is finish.


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